5 Top Sites to Find Freelance Photo Editing Jobs

using a computer to find freelance photo editing jobs

Thanks to the rise of camera phones, photography has grown in popularity. And with sites like Instagram loaded with amazing photos, amateur and professional photographers need help touching up their images to make them stand out. For this reason, the internet is full of freelance photo editing jobs.

However, finding these jobs can be challenging and stressful. By using the wrong sites, you might only have access to low-paying jobs or get scammed after doing the work.

Where to Find Freelance Photo Editing Jobs

Whether you want to make some extra money or work full-time from home, I’ve compiled a list of the best sites to find photo editing online. Each of these sites makes sure workers and clients have a safe, professional experience.

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If you want the gold-standard of freelancing websites, choose Upwork. With millions of clients posting jobs daily, you will have no trouble finding work on this site. You can feature past jobs on your profile, link out to your portfolio, and even include an introductory video.

I like Upwork because the web site separates jobs by skill level and specialty, so you can quickly find postings that match your talents. Even better, many enterprise clients hire on Upwork, so you can find freelance photo editing jobs from Fortune 500 companies that pay top dollar. Best of all, the site processes payments, so you don’t have to worry about invoicing or converting currencies.

All that said, it can be hard to get started on Upwork since so many freelancers use it. But once you land your first job and get good reviews, getting hired becomes much easier. The company also takes a cut of your earnings, but this fee gets smaller as your lifetime earnings increase. Although this fee can be annoying, it helps protect you from scammers, and you can always price it into your bid.

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If you already have editing experience, then Toptal may be an excellent resource. This website stands out from the rest because it only hires the top 3% of talent. Clients know they are getting the best of the best, and they are willing to pay more for these services. That said, the interview process is rigorous so polish up your portfolio and be ready to showcase your talents.

If you get approved for Toptal, you will then create a profile to outline your skills and pay requirements. From there, applying to jobs is easy. The site has a job board with the latest opportunities, and clients will schedule interviews if they like you. One user reports that most clients only interview 1.7 workers per project, so be sure to bring your “A” game. Like UpWork, your invoices are managed through Toptal.

Working on Toptal can be stressful, merely because it is so hard to get approved for the site. Who wants to go through such a long process only to be denied? Also, since Toptal is so involved in your work, it can feel like you are working for the client and Toptal. However, that is the price for excellence.

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With its low barrier to entry and extensive pool of talent, Fiverr has become a crowd-favorite for freelancing. Unlike other websites, Fiverr does not operate via a job board. Instead, freelancers create posts about their services. Clients then search the site and compare packages to find the right hire.

You can certainly find freelance photo editing jobs on Fiverr, but you need to make yourself stand out. Be extremely professional and showcase your talents. You can add before and after photos to your gallery to show clients what type of work to expect.

Also, don’t be afraid to charge high prices. Many of your competitors might charge very low for their work, but professional companies are hesitant to go with low-cost options. By charging more, you show to the client that you have value and are a safe investment.

As I stated, nearly anyone can join Fiverr and advertise their services. Because of this and the website’s confusing layout, you should not expect it to be your sole source of income from the beginning. However, once you start getting regular work and more reviews, your inbox will be flooded with requests for work.

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PeoplePerHour takes a bit from UpWork and Fiverr to create a better experience that I have seen on most sites. On the one hand, clients can post job announcements and interview freelancers. On the other, freelancers can showcase their skills and fees in posts similar to those on Fiverr. Altogether, this setup creates a more intuitive way to connect you with clients.

If you search the site right now, you are guaranteed to see some photo editing jobs, but competition can be fierce. As a new freelancer on this site, you may need to charge lower than your usual rate to build up your reputation.

PeoplePerHour does not have many downsides, but you may find yourself wishing customer service was a bit better. It is based outside of the U.S. and is not a publicly-traded company like UpWork, so the company does not have to be as responsive as its competitors.

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Unlike the other sites on this list, LinkedIn is a social network. However, you can find freelance photo editing jobs through a few channels on the site. First off, the job search feature lets you filter for “Contract” work only, which is where freelance tasks usually sit. Second, you can join groups and network with other creatives who can connect you with job opportunities.

Most importantly, if you grow your network and connect with others, you are sure to see some vacancy openings that your connections can refer you to. These referrals are the most effective way to find jobs. Not only will someone put in a good word for you, but they also might connect you with an opening that had not been announced publicly.  

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